About Greg Jacobs

Greg likes to engage and influence people, and enjoys building on his repertoire of knowledge about tech, programming, and the world. He has the intelligence to persuade people to his line of thinking, but he's not inspired by every project or every cause that crosses his path.

Greg's Unique Star Qualities

Strong Executor Self-Reliant Principled Methodical Go-Getter Competitor Visual Thinker High Grit Even-Keeled Commanding Leadership Broad Learning
Team Olympic

No one works as hard as Greg to accomplish the tasks in front of him. No matter how long it takes, his drive and perseverance makes him stand out from the crowd and propels him toward the peak of greatness.

Work isn’t just about previous jobs. The below traits describe strengths around motivation, interpersonal skills, and generally how one shows up in the career world.
Discovered by Scoutible
Strong Executor
Greg gets things done. His unstoppable work ethic and meticulous approach to problem solving are ideal for projects with clear plans and established timelines.
Greg works steadily toward goals with a high level of focus and is not easily distracted. He can be counted on to always complete the task at a steady pace without compromising quality.
Greg has a strong work ethic and can always be counted on to work hard toward his goals. He's not afraid to play devil's advocate to ensure the best overall results.
Greg is highly ambitious and laser-focused on achieving success. He thrives in roles where he reaps the rewards of his outsized efforts and has control over his destiny.
High Grit
Greg's tenacity, courage, and perseverance allow him to overcome obstacles in stride and stay motivated to achieve his long-term goals.
Commanding Leadership
Greg is a hands-on leader who excels in leadership roles that require a disciplined approach. He's known for his strong presence and enjoys the challenge of developing team members who may require extra guidance.
Education is so much more than where you went to school. It consists of natural learning styles, cognitive strengths, and how we think.
Discovered by Scoutible
Visual Thinker
Greg is known for having exceptional problem solving skills, thanks to his superior visual and spatial processing. This enables him to synthesize and organize abstract concepts with ease.
Broad Learning
Greg's intellectual curiosity motivates him to learn a wide range of subjects, resulting in a diverse knowledge base. He's generally focused on the big picture and doesn't get overly stuck in the weeds. This allows him to learn efficiently and see connections across disciplines that others may miss.
The self is the lens through which one views the world. These qualities drive interests, preferences, and the places in life where we go above and beyond.
Greg is naturally very autonomous and thrives on projects where he has the freedom to do things his own way. He doesn't need hand-holding and can be relied on for independent tasks that others may struggle to get done alone.
Greg is known for his ethical principles and being a champion of shared organizational values. He's comfortable standing up for what's right, even in the face of peer pressure or adversity.
Greg is a constant source of strength and emotional stability. No matter what issues arise, he remains calm and composed. He is highly resistant to stressful environments that might overwhelm the average person.
Skills &Interests